The Missouri Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (MODEC) serves as a state-level umbrella of organizations and agencies concerned with the plight of children who are exposed to environments where abuse, manufacturing, or sales of drugs occur. The drug endangered children approach is designed to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response to increase the safety and well-being of children and to increase opportunities for communities to intervene at a critical juncture for the family. The ultimate goal is to rescue, defend, shelter and support drug endangered children.

Drug Endangered Children (DEC)

Drug endangered children are children whose lives, health and safety are jeopardized by drug manufacturing, drug dealing or drug abuse in a family home.

Harm to the children exposed to these environments can include:

  • physical abuse;
  • emotional abuse
  • sexual abuse; and
  • neglect, including failure to nurture, supervise, or provide meals, sanitary and safe living conditions, schooling and medical care.

The Missouri Alliance for Drug Endangered Children supports communities in serving and protecting children and families from drug environments.


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